DV Lottery Bangladesh 2022 | USA Diversity Urgent Visa Program

DV Lottery Bangladesh 2022. USA DIVERSITY VISA (DV) Lottery 2022 APPLICATION PROCESS. The United States government issues many Green Cards every year by the USA Green Card Lottery program. Applicants for USA visas are randomly chosen in the American Green Card Lottery.

Selected candidates and their immediate family members will receive various immigrant visas, which will give them legal permission to live & work in the United States.

DV Lottery Bangladesh 2022 | USA Diversity Visa Program

The USA Department of State annually administers the DV Lottery by providing immigrant visas (green cards) annually to the people from the countries with low immigration rates to the US. There is 50,000 DV Lottery available in the current year.

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USA DV Lottery 2022 Eligible Country Name List

SL NoCountry NameEligibility 
01IndiaWaiting for Final Announcement
02PakistanWaiting for Final Announcement
03BangladeshWaiting for Final Announcement
04BhutanWaiting for Final Announcement
05NepalWaiting for Final Announcement
06SrilankaWaiting for Final Announcement
07MaldivesWaiting for Final Announcement
08MalaysiaWaiting for Final Announcement
09MayanmarWaiting for Final Announcement
10TajuksthanWaiting for Final Announcement

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DV Lottery Bangladesh 2022

DV Lottery Bangladesh 2022

Many immigrants come to the USA within five years. USA immigration check your application.

The Diversity Lottery, popularly known as the DV lottery, is a United States of America’s Program. Any person from an eligible country can apply for citizenship in the United States of America. Living, studying, and jobs in the United States of America has been a dream for everyone.

Every year many people from all over the world have the luck to get the DV lottery. Bangladesh was an eligible country for applying for DV until 2012. Still, there are some exceptions for Bangladesh and other ineligible countries to apply for the DV Green Card Lottery 2022. This lottery system is controlled by the Department of State and conducted under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).


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